Glass for technical purposes has been produced in Stützerbach and Ilmenau for more than 200 years. It was in continuance of the tradition that LMS was founded in Stützerbach in 1992. In 1994 a new factory was built in Ilmenau, which became the company address in 1995. Here our highly skilled and qualified staff work as a team to meet the demanding standards required of glass processing for use in technical spheres. Our customers are specialists wholesalers to laboratory settings from the classic chemistry lab to the dairy industry. The products go to school, universities and the fields of pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, biomedical technology or instrumentation and enviromental engineering. Quality glass from LMS with its reputation for excellence is distributed worldwide. Production on circular and flatbed machinery, either fully automatic or semiautomatic computerized glass lathes as as individual mechanized workstations ensure high flexibility and efficiency. Through reliable, skilled manual manufacturing, challenging glass components and apparatus are manufactured - also to precise customer specifications on request.