Quality control / Certificates

Quality control

Customer satisfaction comes first for us. Therefor we do not only fulfill requirements and expectations, but also constantly strive to recognize, where further need for action is required, in order to provide our customers with the best possible support.

Our quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Main focus of the quality control is the process-controlling during the whole manufacturing process acc. to DIN EN ISO 4787. The used test equipment complies with the national standards and is checked regularly. Basis of all quality criteria are the respective national and international standards.




Volumetric instruments are manufactured in the accuracy classes B, A, AS, A-conformity and AS-conformity. The declaration of conformity certifies, that the volumetric instrument complies with the German Calibration Regulations and meets the relevant standards (acc. to §11 (2) in connection to Annex 5 MessEV).
The conformity mark DE-M 18 (the number refers to the year of production) is printed on the particular product and the declaration of conformity is supplied with the articles


Batch certificate

For all volumetric instruments of the accuracy classes A, AS, A-conf. and AS-conf., order-related batch certificates are available. The batch No.on the product consists of batch No. and year of production (e.g. 09 18). The certificate shows the coefficient of variation and the calculated trueness of the tested sample size.
For ordering add ‘C’ behind the product code (example: 61 321 025C)


Individual certificate

An individual certificate can be issued for volumetric instruments of the accuracy classes A-conformity and AS-conformity and shows the exact determined volume. On each product an individual number is applied, which relates to the number on the certificate.
For ordering add ‘EC’ behind the product code (example: 61 321 405EC)